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            Axis shredder

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            Axis shredder

            Axis shredder

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            Axis shredder China's environmental protection equipment, mainly to deal with air and water pollution equipment based, and the annual output of solid waste equipment accounted for only about 5 % of the total output value of environmentally friendly products , equipment, market prospects, is in a period of rapid growth . Of solid waste pollution control late start , lack of treatment facilities, with the rapid investment in solid waste industry , solid waste handling equipment prospects. Dongguan Da Ling Shan PATTERSON plastic machinery plant for the current situation , a lot of money , developed a four-axis shredder for waste ( cardboard , fiber , organic matter ) burned composting pre-treatment of advanced equipment to provide protection .

            Materials axis shredder hopper until completely through the sieve material specifications under the arbor far, so no additional or external equipment to complete the processing of materials into particles of the same size . Unique arbor design , low speed high torque through each knife makes the material has good tear effect, four knives shaft run- tight . A variety of tool axis to choose from, knife attached to the gearbox shaft by two motor-driven , each tool axis can independently automatic reversal. Motor power from 30-150KW available. High-yield, easy to replace the screen , mesh specifications can also be customized upon request .

            Axis shredder Features:
            Compared with the biaxial axis shredder machine easier access shredded, high efficiency
            Suitable frame-like object, no need to add an auxiliary binder mechanism, high blade has a blade for low self-cleaning function
            Compared with uniaxial, biaxial, triaxial, shredder price under the same circumstances relatively high power
            Materials can be adjusted according to the size of the screen aperture


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