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            Film shredder

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            Film shredder

            Film shredder

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            Film is a professional shredder shredding equipment , its production capacity super grinder for a variety of materials such as tires are difficult to process , and technology can be shredded , then the structural characteristics of the film shredder is how it ?
            Film shredder is composed by the motor , hardened reducer, rotary cutter shaft , imported knife , fixed blade , rack, chassis , box, work platforms and other components. Note that the shredder was able to have a huge accident tore their ability to function in addition to the motor , its special structure is also the main reason can be hard to tear shredded material.

            Film shredder advantages:
            1 . Save transportation costs and landfill fees. Living in a very large part of the garbage , for example: furniture garbage timber garbage . If we pulled it directly to the landfill to fill the field , it can be imagined where transportation costs are very expensive with Yang . Many people think that China is now landfill free of charge , in fact, is misunderstood , we usually refuse to pay the fees paid which already includes the cost of the landfill , while in the United States , pulling garbage to landfill is based on garbage the volume of paid, in other words to say the greater the volume of your trash , the more you pay the fee , because the United States will first deal with garbage garbage crushing to achieve cost savings purposes. After crushing garbage crusher , the volume of waste can generally be reduced by 30 %, some even up to 50% of the material .
            2 recycling plastic waste . In fact, many of them in our lives can be recycled plastic is reused . For example : polyethylene, polystyrene, nylon and the like. As long as we put it shredded into particles small enough that we can put it to melt extruder and then extruded use . But the key point is : feeding plastic waste particles must be small enough to use as a step prior to extrusion granulation process generally broken plastic first . People now live without plastic , and therefore have a huge plastic garbage , recycling of plastics is a big market . The garbage recycling plastic film shredder is efficient and practical good helper.

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