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            Plastic shredder

            Plastic shredder

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             Can often be seen through the maintenance and installation of plastic shredder initial commissioning of the fuselage in a strong vibration phenomenon.
            This occurs mainly in the following several reasons :
            ( 1 ) the hammer assembly inspection to see if the installation errors. In the changing face of the hammer used to turn around when the weight of the rotor in order to avoid loss of balance , you must move all of the hammer mill to convert all the faces turn around , otherwise there will be a strong vibration occurs in the running.
            ( 2 ) If the individual 's hammer card too tight , then it does not throw off the run . After the shutdown can be turned by hand to its observation that hammer rotation flexibility .
            Poor ( 3 ) corresponds to the weight of the hammer in both groups if more than 5 grams . The solution is to adjust the weight of the hammer , so that the difference between the two sets of corresponding weight of less than 5 grams.
            ( 4 ) Other parts by weight of the rotor imbalance , then the need to carefully examine and adjust the balance. Granulator
            ( 5 ) the shaft bending deformation. The solution is straightened or replaced.

            How plastic shredder maintenance :
            1 , first check the plastic shredder power outlet , plug the power cord from the presence or absence of oxygen loss, at the break of , if not you can plug in the power test machine ,
            2 , does not rotate when the motor is energized , light hand piece toggle wheel can be rotated, you can conclude that the two rubber mill start capacitor has a capacitance caused by the failure . In this case generally only for new products .
            3 Another is that power does not rotate , apply force can turn it emits a faint sound of the motor current is due to start capacitor slight leakage . If the current sound is too large , the motor can not start , start capacitor is short-circuited due to conclude ( motor coil shorted need professional repair ) . In the absence of a professional instrument case, first remove the capacitor (4UF/400V), the two leads were inserted into the mains zero and FireWire jack to charge the capacitor , and then remove the two leads shorted discharge . If the spark can be issued at this time and there is a loud "pop " sound , indicating that the capacitor can be used ; If sparks and sound weak , indicating that the capacitor capacity has decreased, the need to replace or add a small capacitor can be. If you can not short-circuit the capacitor has been damaged by this method , and must be replaced to fix new products with the same specifications .

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