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            Wire and cable shredder

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            Wire and cable shredder

            Wire and cable shredder

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            Wire and cable shredder Features:
            1, the machine design is reasonable , the body made ??of high quality steel welded together.
            2 , the use of high- strength screw fastening , the structure solid and durable.
            3, the host compact design, scrap adopt separation design, so that higher yields .
            4 , processing flakes broken out evenly , a small loss. Replacing multiple screens simultaneously , to meet different needs.
            5 , equipped with tools of different materials , so that for different materials , the tool can be telescopic adjustment , with a blunt after grinding, multiple use , long life .
            6 , the machine has advanced structure , beautiful appearance, easy operation , stable operation , low investment , high efficiency and other advantages.
            7 , with increasing numbers of inertia pulley to increase mill , can save energy and a strong break.

            Factors affecting the production of wire and cable shredder status of those ?
            Wire and cable shredder is a recent popular crushing equipment, then the normal production process shredder , those factors will affect the production status shredder it ?
            A hardness of the material of wire and cable in the shredder . In general, the greater the hardness of the processing machines, the shredder will be more difficult by the greater the resistance , hardness and wear and tear on the machine will be larger than the average hardness number , so there shredder using a slow speed , but the big power , designed to tear greater hardness materials.
            Second, the moisture content of the material itself , that is, we often say that the humidity , the humidity shredder if the material could cause large material adheres to the shredder or its cutter shredder in the production process, but also screening is not conducive to the work carried out .
            Third, the composition of the material in the shredder machine may affect the production condition shredder .
            Fourth, the material has a viscosity , and then a second effect shredder as likely to cause material stuck in the machine.

            Wire and cable shredder Photo Gallery :

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