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            Horizontal heating mixer

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            Horizontal heating mixer

            Horizontal heating mixer

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            Horizontal mixer heating installation and works:
            ◎ hook when lifting submersible mixer , guides or guide wire should be horizontal and vertical . Impeller end than the horizontal plane should be pitching 5 ° -10 °
            ◎ by adjusting the chain on the lifting device makes submersible mixer or a guide wire along the guide rod slipped process, since the lifting hook and the submersible mixer powder mixer in the same center of gravity of the vertical line. Mixer, a shaft with blades rotating in the cylinder or tank for mixing or kneading machines and material to make into the desired consistency . Mixer with vertical spiral structure , so that the material billowing up and down , staggered movement, so lacquer to achieve the purpose of the device quickly mixer to uniformly mix the material with a simple structure , easy to use , small footprint, light weight, low noise , energy saving, loading and unloading convenient material, durable and easy to take care of themselves and maintain. Powder dry mortar mixer mixer in the mixing of materials , both the rotor drive power agencies, rotating in the opposite direction , the blades during rotation , driven materials do axial rotation and diameter putty powder mixer rotation. Dry material within the mixer , while the presence of axial motion and circular motion , and thus the presence of convective mixing, stirring shear mixing and diffusion in several forms while stirring . Between the two designs powder mixer blades overlap region , within this region mortar mixer , rotating blades staggered formation of shear force , making the material regardless of size, density and shape , will be in the moment of weightlessness , forming a continuous loop continues flip movement , to effect rapid mixing .

            Horizontal heating mixer dynamic change should pay attention to what the work :
            First, the dual spout powder mixer console should enable the operator to see the work of the ministries . Instrumentation, accurate and reliable indication signal , the operator can not have a blind spot vision on !
            Second, the dual spout powder mixer after work , do a good job cleaning mixers and blenders around the inside and outside of the clean-up work , cut off the power supply control box lock .
            Third , the first dual water spout powder mixer stir job after feeding operation , prohibited materials and then start to join the cast material must not exceed the rated capacity of putty powder mixer .
            Fourth, the dual spout powder mixer operation is forbidden to look Tanmo head or hand into the situation between the hopper and the feed rack , not into his hand or stick blender , such as feeding tube steak in operation or in the tube mouth to clean putty powder .

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