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            PET sheet Crusher

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            PET sheet Crusher

            PET sheet Crusher

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            PET sheet crusher uses:
            PET sheet crusher is a machine used for crushing , generally used for handling raw materials or scrap to make finer size . Representative examples of after the shredded scrap plastics or rubber as a raw material melting granulation for re-production of plastic bottles, trash tire or the like . Shredder used in plastics recycling industry , commonly used in large diameter PE waste plastic pipe , packaged in bundles of plastic film, plastic sheet and a large pile of broken nose material .
            In fact, shredder for shredding all kinds of plastics , rubber , tires, fiber, paper, wood, iron , waste electrical , cable scrap , industrial scrap, garbage and other solid or hollow materials.
            Features shredder
            Compared with other shredder crusher which is characterized knife shaft speed , low noise , low power consumption.

            PET sheet so crusher selection:
            Broken equipment before we choose , be sure to clear the way crushed , according to the requirements of the material properties of the particles , particle size and crushed products , take appropriate force mode , then select the type of grinding equipment .
            1 large or medium grain size using a hard material crushing , impact, with different shapes on the teeth grinding tools, such as jaw crusher , roll crusher and so on.
            2 , the use of smaller particle size crushing hard materials , surface impact , grinding, crushing tools without teeth , is smooth , such as on the roll crusher .
            3 , powder or pulpy material using grinding , impact , crush, such as ball mill.
            4 , the use of abrasive materials weak shock , with sharp teeth on strike , grinding , grinding tools.
            5 , the use of abrasive materials used and strong main crushing , grinding tool surface is smooth.
            6 , ductile material used to cut or quick blow, such as a hammer mill .
            7, the multi-component material used to select the next action impact crushing force field can also be a combination of various .

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