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            Waste tire shredder to green industry has made great contributions

            Time:2014-1-22 Click:3819

            Turning waste tire crusher working principle and structure characteristics of motor driven cutter crushing chamber by the transmission system , and then have to remove the outer diameter of the bead rims with tires ≤ Φ1200mm conveyor fed into the hopper of the device , through the tire into the hopper into the crushing chamber , and a cutter to cut the tire tearing manner crushed in the crushing process , is less than or equal to 50 × 50 material from leaking from the rotary screen into the subsequent step ; greater than the 50 × 50 Yuangun sieve materials are returned to the crushing chamber crushing cycle until the glue block size to meet the requirements after discharge crusher.
            Waste tire crusher structure is characterized by :
            1 using Yuangun cut way to optimize the situation by force , reducing the rotating cutterhead is stuck phenomenon, while also reducing the crushing chamber tipping moment .
            (2) using cycloid or planetary gear reducer , with carrying capacity, high efficiency, low noise , small size, light weight, long life and other advantages .
            3 high hardness wear-resistant alloy electrode welding cutter blade , long life, can be repeatedly repaired sharpening use .
            4 arbor enables fast, convenient installation and maintenance .
            Tire shredders , rubber tire shredder , shredder bias tires , bias tire shredder , radial tire shredder , tire shredder manufacturer of professional
            After the tires shredded by mill equipment , ground into a powder mill , reprocessing recycling !

            Waste tire crusher industry for China's green industry has made a great contribution , especially prominent as a resource on plastics recycling . Shredder and its main advantage lies in its design differs from similar industries , shredder industry in this country has a strong advantage : high efficiency, save labor , and better economic returns, and now in order to extend the life of equipment , reduce power requirements , and many handling large pieces of scrap recycling manufacturers use step granulation method . The first step in a two-step granulation method generally used for large pieces of shredder scrap into smaller size, and then sent to the scrap granulator. Compared with the corresponding size of the granulator , shredder require very low power , and can avoid the stress problems that expensive processing power in the granulator chunk scrap frequently encountered.廢舊輪胎破碎機


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